Canoe Coffee Roasters, Kelowna BC

I was looking for a cool place to work in downtown Kelowna and Canoe Coffee Roasters was recommended to us by one of our friends. We seen Canoe come up on social media a few times now as well, as other people have raved about this place. An acquaintance of mine from a long time ago, her and I both moved to Kelowna at the same time last year. I’ve been meaning to catch up with her, but we never got around to it until now. I figured Canoe Coffee Roasters would be a good place to check out with her.

Canoe is located in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, so the area is still pretty industrial. Be aware of huge potholes in their parking lot. There’s a couch and couple of chairs immediately to the left of the entrance, the bar, and additional bar seating and tables at the back. I noticed the garage style doors towards the back of the shop so I walked up to check out their courtyard. It had a bunch of long tables and cute string lighting, and beyond that were entrances to possibly more room for seating. I asked the barista what that was about, thinking it was Canoe’s summer-only space. It turns out to be an interior designer’s space/rental/event space.

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Canoe merchandise

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Outdoor patio space

There’s a space in the back of the coffee shop where they do their own roasting of beans. I debated buying a bag of beans, but I figured since we were local that we could just enjoy freshly made beverages from the barista, rather than making our own!

It was late in the day so I ordered a decaf flat white, and my friend had an Americano with a pain au chocolat. Everything was SUPER good! Normally I don’t expect much from a decaf espresso, but I couldn’t believe the flavour and taste. We sat at the front couches, and it got pretty toasty from the sun and exposure. It was pretty quiet the entire time we were there, so a good place to work from if you need a little inspiration and change of scenery.


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