Golfing at Gary Player Signature Course, Palm Springs 2019

This was the first golf course we had ever played in Palm Springs. It was really enjoyable, and we would definitely go back. This is mostly a picture blog entry, because I don’t claim to be a golf expert, and I’m not going to be able to give a hole by hole recap or anything.

When we showed up at the course, someone had greeted us in the parking lot. He drove over with a power cart and started loading us up. We got checked in and headed over to their practice range to warm up. The range offered nice expansive views.

The experience of golfing was super fun at Gary Player. We played on Christmas Day, so it was a bit quiet. There was a beverage cart going around, but there was no opportunity to buy any food. We didn’t get very hungry while we were playing anyway. The bathrooms are called comfort stations, and I thought that was super cute.

The course design was really nice, and we really liked how the rough was just as nice as the fairway! The rough not part of the fairway, which is where you mostly want to be on when golfing. The rough is often higher, thicker grass. In Kelowna, the rough on the golf courses is sometimes unkept and it’s impossible to find your ball on some holes (cough cough Predator Ridge). Or you just don’t want to venture into it to play because of snakes, holes, poison ivy, etc. the list goes on. The rough at Gary Player was so nice that it really makes for a forgiving and easy course to play. If you can’t hit your ball straight, there are lots of slopes along the course that help channel your ball back onto the fairway.

Golfing is a funny sport. It has a high barrier of entry. And I know there are some people who get a little stressed out playing, especially if you’re playing at nicer courses. But if I learned anything, resort courses are the best! From our personal experience, they are designed to be easy, and it makes sense. People might have never played that course before, or are without their own clubs, or whatever the case may be. I’d definitely recommend playing resort courses because they’re beautiful, and not very stressful. You can still take your game seriously if you wanted to, or you can also just enjoy your round and take in the sights and sounds of what the course has to offer. I definitely did the latter.

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