3 Days in Vancouver BC – The Ultimate List

Thinking about a trip to Vancouver? We put together what we think would be an amazing 3 days in Vancouver. You’ll be able to use this list to see the greatest things this city has to offer a first time visitor. And be warned, this Vancouver is so amazing that one time Justin and I vacationed here together, and WE BOTH never came back. It’s a beautiful coastal city in Canada, located in beautiful British Columbia. Once you visit, you’ll see why we did what we did 🙂

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Race Day Fuel real hydration nutrition

How We Fuel For Races With Natural Ingredients

Over the course of this blog, you’ll see how much we love food, but also how we use it for fuel and healing. We are not health experts, nutritionists, or providers of medical advice, but I wanted to share our experience from trial and error, what works for our bodies. Endurance fuel was the only category in our diet where I knew there was a high amount of artificial and processed ingredients. This post is to share how we fuel for training and races, as well as I’ll share my ambassadorship details with Race Day Fuel.